Small Actions, Huge Impact

Eknath Shinde

Your small actions can leave huge impact on others.

Seen #EknathShindeSaheb, honorable chief minister of Maharashtra at Inauguration ceremony of Dharamveer Anand Dighe Udyan, Thane. This is a true incidence happened at inauguration ceremony.

This udyan is located just outside of Thane college. College students were super excited to see him. They were trying to get as close as possible, taking pictures, creating Facebook-Insta live. Police and other security guards trying their best to control them, hold them at the safe distance.

I was standing in this college crowd with college, becoming one of them, with same amount of energy and excitement. Shinde Saab is known for his helping and down to earth nature. I have seen him many times in personal and social events but this time it was special. After taking oath as Chief Minister of Maharashtra, it was my first time to see him and probably same was the case for those college guys as well.

After waiting for 30-45 minutes, Shinde Saab arrived on the location. He waved his hand at the people who were standing opposite side of the road and straight away went to do the honour. We at the college gate, were completely out of his site. He cut the ribbon and everybody cheered. Shinde Saab went inside along with his followers. College crowd, who just got his glimpse was into the 9th cloud. They were cheering in joy, waving hands but Shinde Saab couldn’t see it as we were pushed too far by police for security reasons.

Shinde Saab spent around 10 minutes inside the garden accepting garlands and taking update on renovation process of the garden. Then he rushed back to his car probably to attend next event. His followers followed him till his car. We all were bit disappointed and angry on police as he didn’t see us. Shinde Saab reached to his car and turned back. He walked 10-15 steps towards us and waved warmly. He stood there for 10 seconds, kept waving and then turned back and reached to his car. Siren sounds, whistles and cheering sounds got mixed and whole atmosphere became noisy for a minute or two. Vehicles moved fast and disappeared in seconds. Policemen and followers also left. Within few minutes, that Udyaan turned into an empty decorated place.

…and here at the college gate, we all were mesmerised, still living in that moment, seeing Shinde Saab waving at us. That special attention of 10 seconds made our day. That small act left big impact to us. It created lot of respect for him.

Do things for people, not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.


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