7 things you need to do before 7am

7 things you need to do before 7am

7 things you need to do before 7am: Suceess doesn’t come overnight. It is a result of consistent efforts, planning and execution with descipline. Great leaders became great just because they had proper plan in place, clarity in mind and descipline in action.

If you observe great leaders, one thing you will notice that they have desciplined morning routine. A great morning routine can help improve stress, anxiety, and productivity. A morning routine with typical wake time, healthy breakfast, meditation and some exercise is a great way to start a day. When your day begins with healthy morning routine, you feel positive and that energy remains throughout the day.

What would be the ideal morning ritual? Here’s the list of 7 things you need to do before 7am.

Drink water

Water is considered an essential nutrient. You need to have it. Your body cannot produce enough of it through metabolism to meet its daily needs. Therefore, you need to get it through foods and especially drinks to ensure proper bodily function.

The first thing you should do after waking up is drinking some water. Water is essential to life, and your body needs it to function properly. It gets your organs working again and makes you feel more awake.

Stay away from your phone

The worst thing you can do after waking up is picking up your phone and scrolling. This needs to be avoided as it will not only interupt your morning rituals but also negatively impact your mental health. The moment you pick your phone, you see that you are bombarded with new emails, messages, to-dos, and other notifications. Those will constantly pull your attention and add stress unnecessarily. It will not allow the time and space to start off your day calmly. To avoid all of that, stay away from your phone AT LEAST for first one hour after waking up.

Workout 20 minutes

As long as you’re exercising, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’ll be more likely to stick with your routine if you pick an activity you enjoy.

Do a light workout like jump rope, brisk walk or a quick run. You can also opt for Surya Namaskar or Yoga and working out in gym or attending Zumba session. Work Out will not only make you healthy but it also will give you an endorphin rush that will make you happier and set you up for a great day.


Meditation is a great way to start the day. It is an amazing habit to lower your stress levels and improve your focus. It will help you to figure out your problems and many times get solutions as well. You learn how to override the inner voice that often discourage us to do certain things, even though we should do them. Not only that, meditation ‘strengthens’ the pre-frontal cortex, which is the area in the brain responsible for decision-making, focus and self-discipline.


Reading is a great learning tool. Regardless of what we decide to read, chances are that we are going to learn something new.  Since your mind is fresh, you are well rested, reading in morning will help you to learn quicker.

Read something that energises you. You can opt for some motivational biography or a self-improvement book. This will get you fired up and motivated for the day ahead

Set goals for the day

One of the things you must do everyday before 7am is to list down what tasks you need to complete during the day. This will bring necessary clarity and help you to organise better throughout the day. Also when you have set goals, you know what to focus on and how long. It will keep you on the toes and not wander or relax till the time all your tasks are ticked off.

Take a shower before you eat

Some people eat breakfast before they shower But they spend so much time at breakfast they get late for work and don’t even have time to shower! You always need to be looking your best, shower first

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