Doctor runs 3 kms to perform emergency surgery in Bengaluru 

Govind Nandakumar

Here’s an inspirational story of Dr. Govind Nandakumar who work as a consultant Gastroenterology Surgeon in Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru.

Bangaluru city is imfamous for its traffic. People there are used to getting stuck in traffic. Furthermore, ithe situation got worsened due to heavy rains in last few days. Due to the rains, the roads have been submerged in water and commuting became very difficult. However, the story of a doctor who took an unusual decision to save his patient’s life is inspiring. He decided to beat the traffic with his legs for his patient in need.

Decided to run three kilometers

On August 30, 2022 Manipal Hospital’s consultant Gastroenterology Surgeon Dr. Govind Nandkumar left home for an emergency laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in hospital. He started in his car but got stuck in a traffic jam on the Sarjapur-Marathali road. The hopsital was about 3 kilometers away and the jam was so huge that it was impossible to get through it in car and reach on time for the surgery. Keeping in mind that the female patient may suffer due to delay, Dr. Nandkumar left his car and decided to run three kilometers.

Speaking about the incident, Nandakumar said, “Every day I travel by car from central Bangalore to Manipal Hospitals, Sarjapur which is at southeast of Bangalore. It takes me around half an hour to complete this journey of about 11 kilometers. I left home in time for the surgery that day as well. My team was fully prepared and we were going to start the surgery as soon as I reached. But I got stuck in heavy traffic. So I decided to leave the car with the driver and ran towards the hospital without thinking twice.”

Dr. Nandkumar’s team who was preparing to give anesthesia to the patient, got to work as soon as he reached the operation theatre. Without any delay, Dr. Nandakumar completed the surgery. The surgery was successful and the patient was discharged home on time. A patient who required surgery because she was suffering from gallbladder disease for a long time.

Dilemma due to heavy rains

Heavy rains in the past few weeks had left the IT city waterlogged and causing traffic jams. Several videos have surfaced on social media showing vehicles stuck on the long waterlogged stretch of Bangalore-Mysore highway and pedestrians struggling to walk.

Kudos to Nandakumar

Dr. Govind Nandkumar’s punctuality and devotion to work is inspiring to all. He is being appreciated from all quarters for his action.

Kudos to Dr. Govind Nandakumar!

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