Shocking! Most Common Passwords in 2022

Most Common Passwords in 2022

NordPass released the list of Most Common Passwords: Today’s world is a digital world. Almost everyone is living at two fronts, i.e. online and offline. Due to pandemic, we were forced to use online options almost in everything we do. Some of these have become our habits and now an integral part of our daily life. Our screens are increased and so is the screen time. While digital revolution has opened up many new opportunities, it has brought few threats as well. Due to the excessive use, people’s health is at risk, but at the same time, cyber crime is also seen to be flourishing on a huge scale and this is certainly a matter of concern.

Keeping passwords is a skill

Keeping a password is very skillful. In today’s digital era, it is necessary to provide a password while using any account, so every one of us has to practice to remember many passwords and use them in the right place without forgetting them. Many people keep passwords easy to remember. However, simple passwords can be easily cracked and cybercriminals can hack your account. Your account may be misused, your confidential information may be stolen, and sometimes financial loss may occur. The use of easy-to-guess letters and numbers as passwords is a cause for concern when cyber-attacks are on the rise.

When setting passwords, they need to be difficult enough not to be cracked and easy enough not to be forgotten, and they need to be changed periodically. So keeping passwords has become a skill these days. But recognizing the need of the times, it has become necessary to master this skill and master it.

Statistical analysis by NordPass

Many people use password manager apps like NordPass to keep their passwords safe. A statistical analysis based on countries was recently done by this app. They analyzed a 3TB database of the total password data they had. For this work, Nordpass enlisted the help of independent researchers specializing in cybersecurity. These researchers have prepared a list of most common passwords and based on this list a list of bad passwords has been prepared.

Most Common Passwords: A list of bad passwords

According to the list of worst passwords published by Nordpass, the most used passwords are password, Password@123, password123, Password@1 and password1.

According to the report, the word password alone is used as a password by nearly 4.9 lakh people, including 3.4 lakh people in India.

The second most preferred password in India is 123456. Which has been used 1,66,757 times. The number 12345678 is the most commonly used password in the third number.

At number four is Bigbasket. It has been used by 75 thousand 81 people. Using one’s own name or a close family member’s name in the password is common in India.

Besides, passwords like qwerty, anmol123 and googledummy are widely used in India. Many people use their name as a password. Including Indya123 and India@123 etc. Many people also use iloveyou password. In the report, its ranking is 81 percent.

Countries like USA, Canada, and UK use passwords like f…kyou, f…koff, f…ckyou1 more often.

73% of passwords are from last year’s list

According to a report by NordPass, 73% of this year’s list of ‘200 Most Common Passwords’ are from last year’s list. Since the report was published last year, password retention habits have not changed much. It would not be wrong to say that by keeping the most used passwords, we are somehow making the work of hackers easier. It takes a few seconds to break such a password.

Most Common Passwords: 20 most used passwords

Most Common Passwords: These 20 most commonly used passwords in India are:

  • password
  • 123456
  • 12345678
  • bigbasket
  • 123456789
  • pass@123
  • 1234567890
  • anmol123
  • abcd1234
  • googledummy
  • India123
  • qwerty123
  • sahilji1
  • 987654321
  • kapil*12345
  • 123456789a
  • p@ssw0rd
  • India@123
  • india123
  • 12345

Consider this while setting password:

To prevent your password from being cracked, do the following:

  • Avoid using only words or numbers as passwords. Your password should contain a combination of letters, numbers and special characters (@, #, _, * etc.).
  • Avoid using your own or a loved one’s name or date of birth when setting a password.
  • Keep a different password for each account. So if a password is exposed, the risk is limited to that account.
  • Change your password at regular intervals.
  • Do not share your password on social media, mail or messenger apps.
  • Avoid saving important passwords on Google and other web browsers as much as possible.
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone else.

Let’s practice and aquire the skill of setting passwords so that our personal information, accounts and money will remain safe. Happy Passwording!

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