How correcting SEO helped my client to generate traffic and suscribers on YouTube

YouTube SEO - generate traffic and suscribers on YouTube

Are you a YouTube creator but struggling to get traffic?

Well, this is how correcting SEO helped my client to generate traffic and suscribers on YouTube. Well, this article is for you. It is not an AI generated article but pure experience. It’s a real case study and the observations mentioned here can help you to improve your channel quality and ranking of the videos.

If you are struggling to get more views and subscribers on your YouTube, poor SEO could be the reason.

How Correcting SEO helped my client?

Recently, I worked with a client who was struggling to get views on her YouTube videos. She was creative, expert in her field and had clarity about her niche. Learning from other YouTubers, she also started posting shorts on her channel but it did not help much. Thanks to consistency and niche, she has got decent number of subscribers and few hundred views on every video. But the progress was stagnant. She found one of my posts on LinkedIn which was related to YouTube growth. She DMed me and the conversation started. I asked her few questions and understood that she knew little about YouTube SEO. Needless to say, I got the job.

We discussed the issue, reviewed her channel together and realised that she was inconsistent and somewhat ignorant about YouTube SEO. Here are some changes we did which helped her to get desired traffic and targeted subscription count.

Choosing Right Category For Channel

Found that the channel category was chosen as ‘People and Blog’ whereas the content she posting was educational. By changing category to ‘education’, she allowed YouTube to serve her videos to the right audience.

Channel & Video Tags

Adding tags is a skill. You just cannot copy them from other viral videos and paste blindly to your video. I reviewed channel and video tags and made few changes considering search volume and trends. It changed the whole game. Note that, it is not one time activity. Periodically, you should review tags and change if needed.

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Keywords and Mispelled keywords

One thing worked with her channel big way is considering the power of mispelled keywords. While researching keywords, we observed that natural keywords had huge volume but lot of competition. Considering the possibility of mispelling few words, we checked the volume on mispelled keywords and surprisingly it had nearly same volume but low competition. Targetting those keywords really did the job.

Cards and End Screen Added

I observed that, cards and end screen options were not utilised in most of the videos. It was opportunity lost as audience watching her video were not referred her other videos. We ensured that the playlists are created and attached to the cads and end screen options.


Not engaging with your audience is a crime. Observed that after uploading videos, she didn’t bother to react on the comments. Liking the comment, pinning it and heartening (using heart option) and commenting on audience comments is critical for ranking. It is a proof that you are active and engaged. It strikes conversation and that also helps to improve your video ranking. Unattended comments gives impression that you are not professional.

Off Page SEO

I observed that the client have not promoted most of her videos outside of YouTube. Suggested her to:

Embed the videos in blog posts related to the topic

Advertise videos using email marketing and signature

Distribute the videos on other social media channels regularly

Participate in groups, forums, and Q&A sites (like Quora), and respond to users with relevant videos from channel.

Creating amazing content must be supported with strong SEO. Not having SEO in place can put your channel in trouble.

Are you interested in getting your YouTube channel audited and improved? Contact me if interested.

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